Winter wildlife on the Norfolk Broads

winter sunWhile it’s an absolute haven for birds, particularly on its many waterways and reserves, Norfolk is also home to a number of other animals, many of which make themselves known at this time of year. The Norfolk Broads, and beyond, are the perfect setting for your short winter break, and we strongly recommend taking along your camera.

Keep your eyes peeled

The gorgeous countryside that envelops the Norfolk Broads is rich with animals of every kind, including hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, deer, wood mice, grey squirrels, stoats and weasels, all foraging for food in the frosty grass. If you’re up early, you may experience a different world, and the sight of hares sparring in the mist is quite a treat. The Broads themselves, meanwhile, are host to an increasing number of otters, which can be spotted darting between the banks and cruising for fish, as well as water voles. Take a glance into the skies; will you be lucky enough to see a pipistrelle bat? Along the coast, Norfolk is blessed with a burgeoning grey seal population and pups are born between December and January. If you would like to see them head for Blakeney Point (boat trip) or Horsey Gap where they can be spotted on the beach.

Making the most of your short break

When the days are cold, the nights are colder, and darkness sets in not long after lunchtime. There’s nothing quite like having a cosy corner of this beautiful county all to yourself to snuggle down in front of a fire. Norfolk is a treasure trove of self-catering accommodation, all providing the perfect base from which to watch wildlife. Lodges, apartments and cottages are all particularly magical at this time of year, providing a slice of Christmas charm, while waterside properties enable you to watch the world go by from your warm accommodation.

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