Try something new in Norfolk

There’s just something about going on holiday that makes us all a little more inclined to try something new; perhaps you fancy embracing an aspect of the local culture that is rarely found elsewhere, want to taste a culinary delight that you’d normally never dream of ordering at your favourite restaurant, or have an urge to try a new activity that you’ve never done before. Whatever it is, Norfolk could just be the place to do it.

Up, up, and away

While it’s perfectly possible to undertake a hot air balloon ride almost anywhere in the country, Norfolk has got to be one of the most spectacular places for your first; imagine sailing high above the dramatic coastline, across acres of farm and woodland, or high over the beautiful Broads, and you may find yourself dreaming of little else.

Race a dodman

Known in Norfolk as dodmen, snails have been raced during ‘The World Snail Racing Championships’ in Congham, Norfolk, since the 1960s. While such an activity may not seem particularly high-octane, watching such proceedings can be incredibly entertaining, and a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. This year’s race is being held on 16th July on Congham Cricket Field, so be sure to check it out if you’re enjoying your Norfolk break during this time.

Sampling fresh seafood

There’s a good chance you enjoy seafood while you’re at home, and have a favourite fish and chip shop that you frequent regularly. However, have you ever eaten a cockle or whelk fresh from the sea, tasted world-famous crab, or eaten fish within yards of where it was caught? In Norfolk you can do all of these things and more, as the county is renowned for its seafood.

There are a variety of activities that you may decide to do for the first time during your next self-catering holiday in Norfolk. So, enjoy your trip and be sure to tell us all about it!

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