Things to see out of your Norfolk window

Sure, venturing out is a great way to experience Norfolk and its many delights, but have you ever considered sitting back, relaxing, and taking a moment to appreciate everything that lies just outside the door to your accommodation? Renting a property in this stunning county, if only for a weekend or short break, is a great excuse to do nothing at all – aside from admiring the natural world and the odd boat bobbing by.

Waterside views

As many of our properties enjoy large windows, patio doors, and gardens that back directly onto a river or broad, you have never been better placed for taking it all in. You’ll certainly see boats pass by, enjoy spotting an unfamiliar wildlife species or two, or perhaps even take up a paintbrush and paper for the first time. Broads’ holiday cottages provide a window into the wild world.

Look into the sky

Rather than spending your self-catering holiday in Norfolk looking straight ahead, why not glance up from time to time? There are many varieties of birds to be seen in this county’s skies, so be sure to keep that in mind. You may even wish to bring binoculars with you on your holiday; you won’t be disappointed in what you see.

Wonderful woodlands

Norfolk is as known for its woodlands and countryside as it is for its magnificent Broads. If you’re lucky enough to be staying on the edge of such a landscape, do take a moment to look out of the nearest window; you may catch a glimpse of badgers, wild deer, rabbits, or birds of prey, or catch sight of any number of bugs and beasties that call Norfolk home.

Please feel free to browse our properties in search of your perfect fit. We can cater for couples, families, or larger groups, and always look forward to meeting new people.

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