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The endangered species that live in Norfolk

Norfolk is a fantastic place to discover all manner of wildlife, from bugs and beasties, to fish, birds, and mammals of every kind. Did you know, though, that it also provides shelter and a wonderful home to a number of endangered species? Venture outside and prepare to discover a few of these fantastic creatures…


While its elusive nature and well-camouflaged plumage make it difficult to spot, the bittern can be found nestled in the marshes of the Norfolk Broads – you just need to know where to look, and what to listen for. Hint: if you hear a booming bird song (it’s unmistakeable) between March and June, you’ve likely just heard a bittern…

Natterjack toad

Distinguishable by a bold yellow stripe along its back and brownish-green skin covered in red or yellow warts, the natterjack toad is one of the UK’s rarest species of amphibians. Look out for them in Norfolk’s heathlands, and listen out for the distinctive croak that has led to the natterjack being crowned Europe’s loudest amphibian.

Water vole

Found beside the Broads and scurrying along riverbanks, the water vole is a threatened species across the UK. It is believed that the water vole has suffered the biggest decline of any British mammal in recent years, due to a loss of habitat and food. While their numbers have also declined in Norfolk, the water vole still thrives – look out for them as you stroll beside the water.


You may not think of hedgehogs as an endangered species, but their numbers have declined across the UK as their habitat is destroyed for housing and farmers use more pesticides on their crops. Listen out for a snuffling sound as you go to bed, or leave a little wet cat food out if you’d like to attract a hedgehog onto your accommodation’s porch.

Please do let us know what you’ve seen around where you’re staying; we love to keep up with the neighbours.

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