river bikeOn your bike! Exploring the Norfolk Broads by bicycle

Once you’ve decided to book a holiday in Norfolk, the next decision you must make is how you’ll explore its sprawling countryside, dazzling waterways, and lush woodlands. Will you drive your own car, hire a vehicle, trek about the landscape on foot, ride down the winding lanes on a pony or choose a mode of transport with two wheels? Allow us to be of service – cycling is the ONLY way to explore this beautiful corner of the world. In fact, with its meandering country roads, dedicated cycle paths, and quiet towpaths, Norfolk well and truly lends itself to such an adventure; are you ready to accept the challenge?

Getting started

The good news is that you needn’t be a hardened cyclist, a regular biker, or even own your own wheels; there are numerous bicycle hire, sale and repair shops dotted throughout Norfolk, as well as plenty of opportunities for trying before you buy. The county certainly lends itself to the pastime, as purposefully marked trails, sign posted paths, and guided tours are in abundance. So, what will you need? Suitable clothing is a must; if you’re likely to spend most of your holiday in the saddle, choose comfortable, weather-appropriate casual-wear and trainers, and pack as lightly as you can for your day’s adventure. Meanwhile, for those hoping to take things a little more seriously, it pays to do your research. Lycra, cycle shoes, and water bottles are always in demand!

Cycle-friendly accommodation

If you’re staying in Norfolk, in any number of self-catering dwellings, the chances are you’ll have somewhere to store your bike and a wealth of information pertaining to local trails and cycle routes; if you’re in doubt, it pays to ask us before you set out! You’ll find the Norfolk folk a friendly breed; do please ask us for any local information that you require.

We’ll always be happy to say, “On your bike!”


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