Making the most of self-catering accommodation


There are several good reasons to book a self-catering holiday on the Norfolk Broads, from bringing all the family to enjoying local produce, but how do you ensure everyone settles in upon arrival? Going away can be a little daunting if you have not been there before, so how can you make your accommodation a home away from home to relax everyone while you are there?

Stock the fridge with goodies

First thing is first – no army can march on an empty stomach, and we would not expect a family to explore Norfolk while their stomachs are rumbling either. Many of our self-catering properties are located within easy reach of local shops, so be sure to stock the fridge and cupboards up with treats for a tasty holiday.

Every night could be movie night

Self-catering properties in Norfolk are usually equipped with everything you need to create feel at home, and ours are no different, equipped as they are with Wi-Fi, televisions and DVD players. Bring a selection of DVDs with you, or even a games console, and relax together as a family in the evenings – we wholeheartedly recommend snuggling beneath a couple of blankets!


It may sound obvious, but unpacking can make all of the difference when it comes to enjoying your holiday. Nobody likes living out of a suitcase, so spend a little time emptying it before you head off on your first adventure. With full drawers and wardrobes, you will feel right at home and ready to experience all that Norfolk has to offer.

If you regularly go on self-catering holidays, you probably have your own settling in rituals. We would love to hear them! What makes your holiday house a home?

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