Explore Norfolk: enjoy the first signs of spring


With Christmas over and the New Year festivities put to bed, what else do you have to look forward to than your next visit to Norfolk? While winter may continue its hold over us for a few more weeks, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the signs of spring as 2016 begins in earnest.

So, how can you tell that spring is on its way in Norfolk?

An abundance of colour

Spring is heralded by the arrival of a number of colourful plants and flowers, including snowdrops, cowslips, bluebells, wild garlic, and crocuses. Norfolk boasts a number of glorious wildflower meadows, each reaching their peak during the summer months. If you’re lucky, though, the slowly awakening residents of these meadows may be visible soon; keep your eyes peeled.

Frogs and toads

From the beginning of March until the end of April, Norfolk’s amphibians will be thinking about creating a new generation – the air will be filled will chirrups and croaks, and spawn will soon become apparent in shallow waters.

Taking to the skies

As the winter months fade and warmer winds blow, the skies will fill with all manner of feathered friends, some of which will be returning from their winter destinations. Marsh harriers are particularly active during March, while wading birds take advantage of warmer waters and increasingly active aquatic life as a food source.

A boxing match not to be missed

There’s a reason you’ll often hear hares associated with the mad month of March. Try to spot this majestic and somewhat enigmatic animal bounding across the fields, and, if you are lucky, you will see the males standing on their hind legs boxing each other as the mating season begins and they fight over the females. The females will often fight off unsuitable mates and will box males much larger than themselves.

As spring takes hold the flora and fauna of the countryside starts to bloom and it is a wonderful time to be out and about in Norfolk.

If you’re feeling particularly excited about the arrival of spring, be sure to book your self-catering holiday in Norfolk soon. We have a variety of lodges, cottages, and apartments to keep you warm and toasty until the warmer weather has arrived.

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