Creating your own special haven in Norfolk


We’ve explored the many reasons why you should choose to stay in a self-catering cottage, lodge, or apartment during any holiday in Norfolk, but how can you turn your holiday home into a home away from home? After all, it’s very easy to fall in love with your surroundings, so it’s only right that you feel the same way about the accommodation you stay in.

Bring all of the family

While a self-catering holiday in Norfolk may not be suitable for some pets, dogs adore exploring the Broads and their surroundings as much as their human family members. With many self-catering cottages allowing pets, you’ll be able to enjoy a break with your whole family. Just remember; keep your dog on a lead at all times, be respectful of the locals and all wildlife, and pick up after your dog. When in doubt, it’s always best to ask your holiday property’s owner for their guidelines and restrictions.

Cooking up a storm

When you’re on holiday, it can be tempting to eat out for every meal. While there are some amazing restaurants, cafes, and eateries in Norfolk, there’s also a wealth of local produce for you to enjoy and prepare. There’s nothing quite like returning from a hard day’s exploration to the smell of home cooking and you’ll find a wide variety of appliances and gadgets in holiday accommodation for your comfort and convenience.

Keeping in touch with home

The chances are you’re keen to escape the trappings of modern life during your stay in Norfolk but if you really do wish to keep in contact with home, most holiday properties come equipped with free private Wi-Fi and all of the conveniences you need to make your stay comfortable and cosy. Update your friends with the adventures you’ve been on and you may well inspire them to join you next time. Of course, there are numerous ways to create your own Norfolk haven – in fact; you’ll probably never want to leave.

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