Fishing holidays in Norfolk

With its network of rivers and waterways, beautiful shallow lakes, and stunning landscape Norfolk is the ideal destination if you’re hoping to enjoy a spot of fishing during your next holiday; indeed, fishing is one of the very best ways to make the most of the Broads and all they have to offer.

What to expect from your next fishing holiday in Norfolk

Coarse fishing holidays on the Norfolk Broads are incredibly popular and you’ll be in good company wherever you set up base. From designated platforms and piers, to specialist fishing cruises, boat hire, and waterside accommodation, the Norfolk Broads, in particular, seem to have been designed with angling in mind. There is a huge array of freshwater fish, and estuary species, available to catch, including Bream, Roach, Eels, Ruff, Perch, Rudd, Tench, and Pike.

Fishing for the family

Fishing the Norfolk Broads with the family is a great way to enjoy some precious moments and share a host of new experiences; from your child’s first catch, to the lighter moments spent at your accommodation, there’s nothing quite like discovering the landscape beyond the front door. In addition, some of the Norfolk Broads offer accessibility for all, and there are dozens of fishing spots for anglers of every skillset, as well as those with disabilities.

What do I need to know?

Firstly, the law. It is imperative that you apply for a rod licence before embarking upon your next fishing holiday on the Norfolk Broads – to go without is to break the law. Licences can be purchased online, quickly and easily, via the Environment Agency or your local Post Office. Hoping to fish on private land? Ensure you have the landowner’s permission first. It is also incredibly important to research any area in which you’re hoping to fish; some might be conservation areas, or SSSIs, where no angling is allowed and in the estuaries the tides must be considered. The coarse fishing season in Norfolk runs from 16th June until 14th March, a fact you MUST take into consideration before booking your next fishing holiday. Etiquette is important when it comes to fishing. Secure your equipment properly; show consideration to other anglers, local residents and the natural world, aim to cause as little distress to the fish as possible, and be sure to clean up after yourself. Oh, and one of the most important parts of planning your next fishing holiday on the Norfolk Broads? Research accommodation; there are a variety of houses, cottages, apartments, and lodges available, and many will enable you to fish from your back doorstep. A comprehensive guide to fishing on the Norfolk Broads can be found on the area’s website.

Happy fishing!

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